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  • Rock paper scissors game

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Its a simple a rock paper scissors game.

    you enter a number 0,1,2 to choose rock, paper or scissors. Computer chooses randomly what it wants.

    Rock wins over scissors, paper over rock, scissors over paper.


    ~ change log:- July 26 2020: created the project and finished the basics, you could play once then it would ask you if you wish to play again. if you enter yes it would play again. (basic concept)

    October 20 2021: put a while loop to play infinite times and removed it asking user if they want to play again.

    October 22 2021: Enhanced the UI, added a score system / played times and Draws.

    October 23 2021: fixed all the known bugs

    ~ known issues:-

    • None(if you find any pls report in comments...)

    Note: I built it when I first started learning python and new to this around 2 years or more ago. that's why you'll see many places in the code its very messy. I don't want to change the whole code but trying to enhance it

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