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Saving Sugar Valley!

Published on Jan 4, 2022
  • #python
  • #game
  • #fun
  • #TextGame
  • #rpg

This repl has over 1700 lines of code, and counting! It's a fun-ish game based on saving your entire civilization! Can you step up and save the day? Who knows..? It also has 21 randomly chosen death messages, so you'll probably get something new each time you die! I put the fun in death! Oh wait, there's no fun in death.

If you go through the code, you can see that during the first few battles, the code is quite long, but going down, the code gets simpler but does the same thing. I'm going to leave it that way to remind me of how I've improved and found different ways to code during the development of this game. Also, feel free to point out any errors so I can fix them!

I noticed that this game sometimes doesn't load, keep re-running it!

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