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Minigame Legends

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Published on Aug 10, 2022
  • #TextGame
  • #python
  • #games
  • #consoleGame
  • #minigames

Fight against 8 users in this console-based tournament packed with several minigames and a hint of humor! Will you be able to make it to the top?

(Psst, I recommend playing this game on Windows 10+, since the variety of ASCII characters used may not be supported on lower versions of Windows.)

(This repl is something that I've been working on for months, but recently, replit kept throwing a packaging error for some reason, so I had to make a new repl with all the code. Originally created on Feb 25, 2022.)

Fun fact: I gave myself at least 50 runs trying to see if this repl would look perfectly fine when it was published.

Fun fact II: I was JUST about to publish this repl, and then it started infinitely throwing errors and I started panicking, but thank God my repl started working again when I restarted my computer 😭

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