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    2 years ago
    Batch delete folders from Sirv
    Batch delete folders from SirvThis repl will delete a large number of folders from your Sirv account. If you have a list of folders to be removed, this is a fast and easy way to perform the delete, rather than manually deleting them from Upload a CSV or paste your list of folders, then run the script to gradually delete them. The script will stick to the limits of your hourly Sirv API deletion allowance. It may take many hours to delete tens of thousands of folders and their contents.
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    3 years ago
    Export 360 spins for Amazon
    Export 360 spins for AmazonThis repl makes it easy to convert lots of Sirv 360 spins into Amazon compliant zip files, ready for submission to display 360 spins of your products on Amazon. First you should upload your spin images to your Sirv account then you can run this repl to prepare the spins. You'll need to know the unique Amazon ASIN for each of your products.
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