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  • 3D Minecraft

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Disclaimer: this is not meant to be a realistic replication of minecraft, I just thought it was a cool project and was worth optimizing and posting.

    This is a 3D clone of Minecraft made with Three.js, with voxel terrain generation. It has been optimized a bunch to run smoother and be more usable and to generate terrains a little differently. I also added adjustable render distance and will add a menu for adjusting a lot of other things soon!

    CONTROLS: WASD = move, Q = place block, click = break block, SPACE = jump, double press W = sprint, click FPS menu = change display (fraps/ping/memory)

    To start, just enter your render distance (must be an integer value starting at 1, don't go over 8)

    Game logic credit goes to FRADAR on cdpn

    Please leave a comment down below about what you think! Hope you enjoy! If this gets 2000 likes, I'll add the many features I have planned!

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