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  • Terrariacraft

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Multiplayer Terraria Game (Credit Re-Logic for concept & graphics) Alternative Servers -

    ════════════════ ★ Controls ★ ════════════════ [WASD] Move      [E] Open/Close Inventory or Chest [1 to 8]  Select tool / item  [N] To write on a Sign / Chest [Mouse] Dig / Place / Attack    [T]  Talk [Space] Lag free mouse click    [ / ] ★ Commands [L]    Toggle Lag Prevention   [C] Open Console

    ═════════════════ ★ Tips★ ══════════════════ ★ How to craft - Open inventory (E), Items you can craft will appear in the boxes. To use a crafting station, just stand near it and do the same (Crafting stations include Work Bench, Furnace, Anvil, Sawmill, Heavy Work Bench, Glass Kiln, Hellforge).

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