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    2 years ago
    De-talks De-talks is a messaging website that lets users create a chat room with their own topic and the website picks 15 random users to join the chat room and discuss the topic with you. After 24 hours the website then deletes the chat room along with its messages Why you should consider using/visiting de-talks: 1-You yourself can get picked for a chat room and start to discuss what the topic is. Topics can range from 'How to get a girlfriend' to 'Proof that space wizards are going to end the world in 2024' and these chat rooms could lead to the best conversation you have ever been involved in. 2-The 24hour time period guarantees that users are exposed to new topics/ideas and questions asked, it also ensures that our users are exposed to new user and makes sure that you home page is not clustered with multiple unused chat rooms 3-de-talks picks people that are interested in your topic to discuss with you ensuring user engagement 4-For people who are like me who struggle with advertisement
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