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NullDev (Chris)

NodeJS, C# Developer and part-time savage with huge interests in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Fizz Buzz Example

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    Made with Node.js

    A short fizzbuzz example

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3 years ago
Report code hosted on
A chrome extension (HTTP Headers Checker) recently got injected with malicious code that basically changes all websites to a fake google chrome downlo
jon14567890 Dont join this is ip snathcer2 years ago
The best thing of is that it can use in any devices. When I was on my phone or tablet/iPad or even my smart reach, I can also use it unlike visual studio code. Second best part or is that it doesn't require any downloads on packaging like node.js, Python, HTML and more.2 years ago
Belven is not a great hosting template. It just can't save and once I accidentally deleted all code, I can't recover it. Please fix that, add a save command by click ctrl+s. Also don't forget to make it become more smooth instead of lagging. If there's an application for, it will be better. Coding a discord bot using, is acceptable, but for other usage, it might be not a good selection. 2 years ago