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    Neil Dembla

    Earth, Solar System, Milky Way
    published a Repl
    11 months ago
    Typing Test
    Typing TestThis is a typing test! Coded by me, but taken inspiration from, well, typing tests (obviously). I may have used a few tutorials for certain parts of the code that I don't remember as I made this a while back. If I used a code sample from you or someone you know and didn't credit it, comment it please! I'll make sure to add them into the credits. Any suggestions and/or improvements would be greatly appreciated! Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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    1 year ago
    bad chatbot
    bad chatbotThis is a chatbot made by me! Basically if it doesn't know the response to your input it asks you for the response for that particular input, so whenever somebody else uses it they get that same response!
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