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Andrew A

If you see any missing textures, try installing cs:source || "Been wasting time since August 15, 2020" -Some idiot lmao
  • 2D Webgl with nodes and matrices and MAGIC

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    This contains: A node system for multiple objects Matrix multiplication for quicker transformations Textures and image importing

    Currently working on: Scene class + Scene loading and unloading

    Soon to implement: Script classes Way to init the renderer

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11 months ago
Cave In (Very unfinished bc of school and stuff)
Cave In (Very unfinished bc of school and stuff)What I PLANNED to have: About 3-5 base levels. An simple ending boss fight. Ammo and health pickups. Ammo in general. Projectile attacks from enemies. More enemies. A shotgun. Bullet tracers. What I ended with: A last minute project crunched to be submitted, because I can't work while at school There's an issue with the damage display not showing correctly when scaling resolution. Didn't have enough time to fix it. The mouse sensitivity is too high, but I don't have enough time to run a new build, takes too long and I only have 30 minutes left. I wanted to submit something, despite poor quality, because this is the most I've gone with an actual game. I usually just stop working on them in favor of another project, so it's cool to see something "semi-playable". Riight. It was going to be named golems because of the scrapped main enemy being giant stone golems. Didn't work out :/
Oh and the dev map has a very dim light but too late to fix that so :P Idk why you'd care to check it, but still11 months ago
Great game!11 months ago