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Average website developer
Pronouns: he/him

    Cover page
    Made with Markdown Notes
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  • Color Blender

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    This is a very simple color blender that only supports Hex 00 and FF values (RGB 0 and 255). It supports infinite steps.

    This code may be copied and put into your own code without giving any credit.

    Due to limitations with the code and my laziness, there is a limited amount of colors you may use, which is listed below.

    #FF0000 (Red) #FF00FF (Purple) #FFFF00 (Yellow) #FFFFFF (White) #000000 (Black) #0000FF (Blue) #00FF00 (Green) #00FFFF (Turquoise)

    If you find any bugs or glitches, you may report them by commenting on this project.

    Some bugs will be patched, but if one does something cool, it will befome a feature, not a bug!

    You may download this code and save it as a .html to be able to use it offline.

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  • Replit's Featured Problem

    Cover page
    Made with Markdown Notes

    A lot of featured Repls are AI projects, most of them requiring an OpenAI API key, and there aren't very many non-AI projects that end up on the featured section of Replit's homepage.

    This website has more information about this issue and possible ways to fix this while still keeping AI projects able to be featured. There is concept art at the bottom of the page.

    Feel free to fork this project and spread the word even more! The more people who take action on this, the higher chance something will happen.

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    16 days ago

    I responded to Replit's Customize Home button, which lets you enable/disable different sections. My response is above the concept art.

    3 months ago

    I totally agree! I don't have an OpenAI API key, and I feel like there is nothing on the feautered page. I just need the community hot/new page to see projcets I can run with a click!

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