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Rook Password Cracker
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Published on Apr 20, 2022
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Cracking Passwords with Rook!Post
My adventure into password cracking!

I took a little adventure into cracking hashes! This little program supports the sha256, sha512, argon2d, argon2i, and argon2id hashing algorithms. I downloaded a list of the top 1000 most common passwords and implemented character substitution to generate variations like password -> [email protected]$w0rD. Of course most secure databases nowadays will use a salt making this cracker not all too useful yet.

What you'll see:

If you peer into the code you'll see a password being hashed and added to a list which the cracker then tries to crack. Even though the program is running on only a replit it can still crack the password pretty fast when using sha 256. Argon2 takes much longer as it is a stronger hashing algorithm, so I commented that part out.

I don't plan on expanding this program however I might get around to it in my free time.