Game with movement and colision.

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Game with movement and colision.
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Created on Feb 11, 2021
Last published on May 21, 2021
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ItzTezlaCodes3 months ago

it no work

MattDESTROYER3 months ago

(I don't know much Python) You could create a distance function to make your collision code a little more reusable:

Then you could create a simple class for circles and input the object's properties:

bchian3165 months ago

How in the world did you get to use circular collision?! All I know is rectangular collision.

RhinoRunner5 months ago

Pretty laggy. Easy fix though. change clock.tick(30) to clock.tick(60) (to make it 60 fps). The only problem with that is it will make the red circle move very fast, but you could just change the movement values.

Pretty cool to see sprites without classes!