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- Joshisaurio - Scratcher/Python coder

Hi! I'm Joshisaurio from Scratch! You may also know me as Lightbulb Games. Check out my games:
  • Black & White | PRE-BETA | v0.4 | Lightbulb Games

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Black & White is a game where you switch colors in order to complete various levers. It's not complete yet, and is still in the Pre-Beta phase but will enter Beta soon. It was made with the Scratch engine and converted to HTML with Turbowarp packager, and was made to demonstrate the actual power of Scratch.

    This game was developed by Joshisaurio in Scratch (a.k.a Lightbulb Games). Any copies will be taken down. Find the original Scratch version:

    Report a bug: You can comment on the Scratch project (the most likely way I'll see the bug report) or just here on the replit comments. Make sure to check the bug list before you report the bug. Please note some menus might be blank or some buttons may not be functional because they have not been finished. Before you report a bug please indicate what were you doing so I know what may have caused the bug.

    Known bugs: · The mute music button doesn't work. · Some of the assets have a lower quality

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    4 months ago

    Please comment any bugs you find!

  • Joshisaurio

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Just a test, this might become my actual official website

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