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Joab Israel Infante Lee

If ya ain't cheatin', ya ain't tryin'!
Panamá 🇵🇦
  • Joabinfantelee

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Página web de portada desarrollada para mostrar más información sobre mí y mis creaciones.

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    9 months ago

    I like the Jack Harlow reference.

  • ReplAuthUser_TemplateJS

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Here is a 🚩🏁TEMPLATE🏁🚩 to Login with Replit Auth and read the .Json file of the login. I recommend viewing this ( @Replit ) in a new window.

    In the ReplAuth examples they never made one with Js, there was only Pyton and Flask, but the idea was not to overload the server by generating a page or text, the idea is that it is already designed.

    Share this template and give it a like if you liked it, this was made by Joab Israel Infante Lee ( @Joabinfantelee ) with ❤️ & JS!

    Pin to: @CoderGautamYT @Spotandjake @IroncladDev @JDOG787 @futurepear @Bandos1000 @HyperHacker @tyler @masfrost @amasad @phil-mac

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