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Jay 202

I play basketball and the drumset. I enjoy coding as a hobby because it's cool making things happen.
  • Guess The Rule: a fun math game

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Guess the rule! How to play: When you input a number, there will be an output. Your job is to guess the function that is being done to your number(s). You can input as many times as you want. For example, if I input 50, and the output is 100, I would guess that the rule is multiplying by 2, or adding 50. If I am not sure, I can input another number and get another output. If you think you know what the rule is, type in: 'guess', and then input your guess like this: function:number. For example, if I thought the rule was multiplying by 2, I would write, multiply:2. However if I thought the rule was squaring or cubing, I would just write 'square' or 'cube'. Restart if you find it too challenging. Have fun!

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