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herby breeze

hello am just messing about till i have the time to do something substantial.
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4 years ago
pygame wont output to the virtual screen
whenever i try to run a program that uses pygame to display visuals, i get an error message, i have looked around forums for a while but havnt found a
Here is the link to my code: The misbehaving code is under As y'all said before, the "Display is not capable of DPMS" error doesn't mean anything, but for some reason, it doesn't work. It is supposed to create an applet that only names itself 'All Me,' but the output is just the console saying, 'Hello World' and the DPMS error. Please HEELP!!! btw: this is in java 4 years ago
Those errors are standard. They happen to all pygame repls. Was there any actual error apart from that? btw you have to use backticks (`) for code (markdown). Please upvote if this helps :)4 years ago