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Lillian English

  • Beneath The Kingdom

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    How To Play:

    Welcome to Beneath The Dungeon! This is a text adventure game in which you interact with the world through commands! Below are the commands you can use in this game!

    look - This command lets you look around your current room

    look at - This will let you look at an object in the room! This can be used to gain more information, solve puzzles, or solve the game's story!

    take - Use this to take (or try to take) objects around you! This may result in humorous reactions as well!

    go east/west/north/south/up - go in a specified direction, use this to travel between rooms!

    save - Use this to save the game!

    journal - Use this to look at your current pages

    Beneath The Kingdom is a game made in a one week period for the 2021 Kajam and is also my first completed game! (Due to both these factors there are many small spelling errors that i am working to fix).

    Enjoy The Game!

    Recent comments (11)
    2 years ago

    Is there a way to get into the south-most room on the right? Also I have 8/10 journal pages and I have searched every room except that one

    2 years ago

    Please comment here with feedback! This is my first finished game and I would appreciate any and all suggestions!

    2 years ago

    Since i can't update the description, thought i should put this here:

    How Beneath The Kingdom fits the theme:

    Explore a HUGE labyrinth (Ok... it's only 15 rooms) find HUGE secrets about your past, and i'm pretty sure there's a HUGE vine in the north gardens

    2 years ago

    Update 1.1:

    • Fixed several typos

    • Added riddle to the end of True Ending


    The aforementioned riddle doesn’t have a way to answer it and is more of a final poem than anything, however if you give your answer to it in the comments, I will happily tell you if it’s right or wrong!

    2 years ago

    so it's zork. cool

  • Quest Board: A New Way To-Do

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Quest Board: A New Way To-Do

    • Struggle to get tasks done?
    • Wish completing To-Do list was more fun?

    Then Quest Board is for you!

    Designed with ADHD in mind, this quest style to-do list makes tasks exciting again!

    Quest Board will be updated frequently, so tell us any suggestions in the comments and we will do our best to make it a reality!

    Recent comments (2)
    2 years ago

    For some reason saving is currently really buggy on mobile. Still trying to find an explanation for this as well as a way to fix it. Making sure to save and exit to the main menu every time you use Quest Board seem to help.

    Update: After doing some testing, it would appear this is either an issue with replit being laggy on mobile, or with how mobile devices handle the save data files. With this knowledge I am taking a poll. I might be able to fix this by changing the save system to work with on global file, thus deleting all current accounts, or leave it as is. Let me know your opinion below!!

  • Item Shop: Success Is Random

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Start an RPG item shop and sell recreations of magical goods! Hundreds of possible items!

    How many days can YOU last before your rent catches up to you?

    Not sure where to start? Go to manage shop and sell your first item! Make sure to stock up on it before you open for the day!

    Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

    Found a bug? Let us know in the comments and we will do our best to fix it!

    Enjoy managing your shop!

    Recent comments (1)
    2 years ago


    Success Is Random

    Welcome to Item Shop! A game where it’s just you and your copies of magic items against your ever increasing rent. Search, Stock, Sell, Pay, and Repeat, and see how long you can last!


    To sell a recreation of an item, you must first find one! Go on expeditions to find legendary swords, bags, ducks and more! (Yes ducks)

    Items are randomly generated by the game, including powers and creations! With hundreds of different possible names alone, you will always find new surprises!


    As the owner, manager, and intern of your own shop, it’s up to you to manage your stock and pricing! Keep things well stocked and well priced to keep your customers happy!


    When all your items are restocked for the day, open up your shop for business! Pay attention to customers who couldn’t buy anything, unhappy customers will bring down your ratings!

    As you sell items to customers, your popularity will increase! This will lead to more customers and more shelves to sell items on!


    Your only enemy (besides poor reviews perhaps) is your ever rising rent. Be careful to plan ahead for it, or you might find yourself too broke to restock your own store!


    Keep going as long as you can! Weather you measure your success in cash or items found, it’s sure to be a challenge. Keep your shop running, reviews high, and magic ducks at the ready!

    How To Play

    Item Shop is a simple game to learn, but if you get stuck, here are some tips!

    • Restock your items every day! In the early stages of the game, customers unhappy with items being out of stock will be your greatest enemy!
    • Pay attention to your pricing! Too high or too low and you will quickly go bankrupt!

    Bugs and Feedback

    Please let us know if you find any bugs! Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback on the game, please let us know!

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