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arsenalmcrib2 weeks ago

In step 2 it should be explicitly clear that the original code snippet is created and that you cannot substitute your own info

Renato04964 months ago

To end the whole test, you just need to copy the module.exports {} below // Step 3: (Be sure to comment out Step 2 and replace the original module.exports {}. This just add fullName and age. AND THAT'S ALL.(obviously run again)

MSreplit194 months ago

Instructions :::::1. First navigate to follow.js by forking the project.2. Then you have to test how these lines are getting executedconst birthYear = 1948;const thisYear = 1965;const firstName = "Carlos";const lastName = "Stevenson";

const greeting = "Hello! My name is " + firstName + " " + lastName + " and I am " + (thisYear - birthYear) + " years old.";

console.log(greeting);3. This can be done by simply clicking on run button.4. It is already correct. So all test cases will be executed successfully.5. Then delete this code.6. Rewrite the same code yourself using the exact spacing and language and variable names.7. Run the project. If errors then debug it.8. Ok so if you passed this move on to next test cases.


module.exports = { testGroup: "a", greeting, birthYear, thisYear, firstName, lastName}

  1. Make the changes to the code mentioned in Part 2 according to the demands of the next test cases, which require creating some new variables.

  2. Uncomment these lines

// module.exports = {// testGroup: "b",// greeting,// birthYear,// thisYear,// firstName,// lastName,// fullName,// age// }

  1. Hit run to execute and check if all test cases are getting passed.

Note: If you are still unable to solve please check out my answer. Please try it out yourself after understanding this. Also don't quit, keep practicing.

vivekv7075 months ago

Instructions Unclear

gabrielrengifo25 months ago

There's a problem with the way greetings variable is evaluated. You must write the exact syntax it had: "Hello! My name is Carlos Stevenson and I am 17 years old."

It will throw an error if you write any variation of it, be it completely different or missing a white space. There's ac comment near the end pointing this, I suggest moving it near the top for easier readability of the problem.

nochill17 months ago

sorry but the instructions are unclear and confusing. Please use better wording. I dont know what I should do to make the test pass come up. I should delete the module.exports too?

BrianLee398 months ago

edit suggestion:

Line 62 -- 'fullName is incorrect....'

offNadirInsight10 months ago

edit suggestion:

Line 44 -- firstName = CarlosLine 45 -- lastName = Stevenson

++ firstName = "Carlos"++ lastName = "Stevenson"