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Harrison Smith

The gun? A compiler. The bullets? My code. The zombie? My confidence. BANG!
  • Automated characters sheet

    Cover page
    Made with C++11
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  • XOR stream cipher

    Cover page
    Made with C++11

    Self synchronized? Nope.

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  • KeyBoardWarlock

    Cover page
    Made with Node.js

    dueling game.
    you play as a warlock.
    you cast spells by typing any sequence that matches this regex:

    /(o\d*)? [xei] (f\d?)?(w\d?)?(a\d?)?(e\d?)? [swi] /

    multiple spells can be cast all at once by pressing / key.
    press \t key to move between platforms.

    slightly better regex spec:

    /(o\d*)? [xei] (f{,3}|f[0-3])(w{,3}|w[0-3])(a{,3}|a[0,3])(e{,3}|e[0,3]) [swi] /
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  • dnd revamp

    Cover page
    Made with Nix
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