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    Ganesha 1

    I live in the batman do not try to find me I am hide behind 7 proxies.!
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    2 years ago
    GaneshaOSThe only os you will ever need! It comes with a calculator and ti tac toe I could not add more or else it would be too complex and probaby crash ur computer! It is EXTREMELY advanced! UPDATE v1. Alpha LTS (InDev) (Nightly) made it so u always win in tic tac toe cause some people were getting angry and destroying theyre computers when they lose. TERMS OF USE i will let u download and run this program but u can't copy it (cause you would mess it up ROFL!!!) i will let u use it because i am nice. |:) WARNING DO NOT MODIFY MY CODE IT IS MINE AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH!!1!
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