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    Made with Python

    Secret messaging super encrypted. Method of use:

    1. Generate OTP(One Time Pad) with 1 then enter/return.
    2. Type 2 and put in otp0.txt (if you open it will be mumble jumble of numbers), then choose a name for test file e.g. test, then type message. 3.Click show files and there will be file(s) by the name of otp𝑥.txt Now the number list has a message, send the file to someone with this project. 4.To decrypt type 3 and then enter. Type otp0.txt or the name of the otp(depending on how many were generated) then name of test file I.e. test the message should appear. (Refer to step 3). 5.Enter 4 and enter to delete history.
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