zambie 2.0
zambie 2.0
zambie 2.0
Published on May 12, 2021

ZOMBIE ISLAND REPL GAMEcurrently works for the first 25 wavesarrow keys to move and wasd to shootenter to go to the shop

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XtremeCqre3 weeks ago

u can't actually play because its just you have died press enter to respawn

PixelRunner1 month ago

This is a cool game but there are a few problems:

There is a bug where if you die once you can't respawn.I press enter and the game flashes back on the screen for one frame before showing the death screen again. Basically, you get soft locked when you die once.I think the problem may be if you didn't reset the game after respawning or at least looked for a place to put the player when respawning that has no zombies.And I can't help but notice that if you look closely you'll see that the wave count goes up by 5 or 10 every time you respawn.

Another issue is in the combat mechanics.You use the arrow keys to move and WASD to fire. This makes the game really hard to play because I keep forgetting those controls.Instead, you can get the mouse position and calculate the vector from the player to the mouse. Then when the player clicks or presses the spacebar (or whatever control you decide to use), you can make it fire in that direction. Then you can make wasd AND the arrow keys move the player.

DimitriLJ2 months ago

it works for me but i keep getting killed :(

Parz18 months ago

it is just the black screen for me :(