Recreation of the classic picture sliding puzzle thingy. 3 modes 4 images - or upload your own Fancy background Great fun! Click a tile next to the empty one to slide it there Recreate the image to win! See
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Created on May 9, 2021
Last published on Jun 2, 2021
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ia13ru4 days ago

Time: 0:50Score:48

BostonDadBod7 days ago

This was really cool. I am brand new to Replit and this was the first game I have played on here. I was able to beat the cyclone on 3x3 after 1:23; I am pretty bad at these puzzles.

yonatanramsimon1 week ago

very very cool!!

QuickV1 week ago

Great job dude! It's great even though I couldn't beat a single thing lol (Im bad at these kind of sliding puzzle games).

Monisha211 week ago

wow amazing!

AhsenKhan1 week ago

5x5{Time = 15.07;Moves = 806;}


VeggieOski2 weeks ago

3x3 best time 34 seconds.... Not way too bad..

RolandJLevy2 weeks ago

Nice! I think you've done a great job. Just a few suggestions - have you considered breaking your code into smaller chunks? script.js is 462 lines which is very long and difficult to follow. It would be better to use object classes.

Also, it's better to use document.querySelector and document.querySelectorAll instead of getElementById

NiruKodeKloss2 weeks ago

Your code is fantastic, but why is one tile missing in the slide code puzzle? Are there any tutorials or courses that you referred to? Check out the image:

dphdmn2 weeks ago

4x4, 52 moves, 18s. controls are so weird, also weird blank position, but good thing is that i can upload my picture

Hirole2 weeks ago

4x4 second attempt : 168 moves Time 3:47

playsolitaireaz2 weeks ago

Well, that's a superb article! Thank you for this great information, you write very well which I like very much. I am really impressed by your solitaire

heljii2 weeks ago

5x5 first attempt : 322 moves, 4:59

SinisterMelodys2 weeks ago

first attempt (5x5) - coding cactus

834 Moves42:15 minutes

7ih2 weeks ago

My first attempt (5x5):

  • Moves: 1124

  • Time: 31:53

Nice game, but wow, it is pretty difficult.

Alfaheimr2 weeks ago

This was really awesome; I had a lot of fun!Best time for me stands at 2:53 (3x3). I'm wondering; how did you make the background slide around? That looked nice.


Nice game! Background is a bit distracting though.

lexingtonzastre2 weeks ago

how do i play?

MuhammedDArduin2 weeks ago

A friend: Who are youMe: I'm the worst player on this XD

lexingtonzastre2 weeks ago

it kinda takes a long time to load.

skvprogrammer2 weeks ago

Amazing 😍

btfuss3 weeks ago

im not on a fbi watchlist

lse3 weeks ago


Jaydogcodes3 weeks ago

Dude I spent 6hrs tryna do this and I still cant

ChezCoder3 weeks ago

best time for repl logo: 2:11 i suck

ContourRepl3 weeks ago


zdude10113 weeks ago

yoooo this is so neat, this is straight up my go to little game for when I need something short and sweet, definitely a great project! 10/10

ia13ru3 weeks ago


demcrepl3 weeks ago


GoodCoderBadBoy3 weeks ago

It kind of broke for me. Some tiles went into each other and now there are 5 holes.

Strobe423 weeks ago


CodeOfCayde63 weeks ago

It won't recognize the image I inserted. Otherwize this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ThanhTails3 weeks ago


sweetmango883 weeks ago

only one word: wow....

minishxp3 weeks ago

this is good

NoobNotFound3 weeks ago


CreativeDrone3 weeks ago


noway153 weeks ago

it's uh... not working?