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Created on May 2, 2020
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QuickV3 months ago

Controls are WASD for the random people that find this project somehow.

DillonB074 months ago

Could you create an instructions command please? I don't understand what I need to do.

opai5 months ago

3276, gg

CSPDSMGP8 months ago


FranklinStopar8 months ago

Score: 5292

kingdracorex8 months ago


arivvid278 months ago

this is fun! and pls follow me on github. username is Arivvid27.

arivvid278 months ago

I GOT 2292!!!

NAILALEIJA8 months ago

Just got a 5492 :)

9 months ago

Hello, @CodingCactus why did you ban me? Please reply asap, pls. PLEASE, IT'S IMPORTANT. I'M ALSO NEW TO REPL.IT SO I DON'T THE RULESSS. IT ISN'T FAIR. PLS UN-BAN

9 months ago

Score: 1576┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┃ 2 ┃┃ 8 ┃┃ 32 ┃┃ 2 ┃┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┃ 128 ┃┃ 16 ┃┃ 64 ┃┃ 8 ┃┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┃ 32 ┃┃ 2 ┃┃ 32 ┃┃ 4 ┃┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┏━━━━━┓┃ 2 ┃┃ 4 ┃┃ 8 ┃┃ 2 ┃┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛┗━━━━━┛Oh WellYou Lost :(

Play again? (y/n)aswTraceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 425, in play = input("Oh Well\nYou Lost :(\n\nPlay again? (y/n)").lower()KeyboardInterrupt

IsAMasterCoder9 months ago

aw man, now i just got to 3180! Unfair!

IsAMasterCoder9 months ago

now i just got to 3108!!! I love this game...

IsAMasterCoder9 months ago

i got to 1900 (for REAL!!)

KubaWasilewski29 months ago

i got to 1680 :)

AnnaSicoli9 months ago

I got to 512

AbdullaAl59 months ago

i reached 256

3s39 months ago

how does it work, like the controls LOL