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WTerminal APLHA 0.60
Published on Apr 29, 2022

A simple command line, alternative to powershell and cmd. WTerminal APLHA/BETA is unstable

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WellSilver2 weeks ago

can you re make this in a compilable script like rust or c/c++?

PabloJuan1 month ago

what if in the future this replace cmd and powershell

JasonRoman2 months ago

If you want a really big challenge try implementing pico :P

CodinUser11 months ago

WTerminal A06 IS now discontinued to work on WTerminal BETA 1

CodinUser11 months ago

WTerminal A1 going to be released soon with new programs such as


And going to include more commands

CodinUser11 months ago
WTerminal 0.5.0 released

New features

  • New commmands
    • typwrite typewrite allows you to get a typewriter, slow lettter by letter print effect, just type typewrite and type the text


    [/home/runner/WTerminal-APLHA-050]: typewrite This string is typewriten, slow effect
    • write write behaves like echo on bash, print on python and 'text' on pwsh. Outputs text, uses '\n' for ending. type write TEXT to use the write command.


    [/home/runner/WTerminal-APLHA-050]: write This behaves like python print, it uses \n automaticly. This doesnt come with formating
  • New programs
    • replit We have added a pre-installed-third party tool, called replit-cli, run to get the requirements, to use this tool, type, replit help info and more is taken from the OS terminal.
    [/home/runner/WTerminal-APLHA-050]: `replit
    • PyShell This one isnt new, but now PyShell is updated to 1.5, the latest update. PyShell is maintained and made by CodinUser, who also maintains and works on WTerminal.

    To acsess PyShell type

    [/home/runner/WTerminal-APLHA-050]: PyShell

    Version options and about options coming in future update, most likely beta 0.50

  • Structure improvemenets Removing useless files such as syntax.txt and more helped in this :), now you have
  • [updated] [new] user-globals.txt [pyshell requirement]
    • This file installs some requirements you may have forgotten. Useful file
    That rounds it up

    If you find any errors please report them, and be aware that this APLHA version can be VERY unstable