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Created on May 2, 2021
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AdamAlchihneh2 months ago

Hi @Coder100 , I am a very big fan of you, I have some suggestions in python. In your Animal facts game it says "Make sure to enter your choice as LOWERCASE FOR EVERY ANSWER". Instead of having it all lower you could use the .lower() function in python. For example:

name = input("enter your name").lower()

if name == "unnamed": print("Hi there unamed")

This way even if they enter unamed in all CAPS like this UNAMED the .lower() func still catches the name because is lowers all the CAPS into lowercase. Also, to add spaces between print statments you would add an empty print() but instead you could just use this /n.For example:

print ("hello \nworld")

This will output:helloworld

And if you want more then one new line between print statments you could just do

print("hello \n \n \n \n world")