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Created on May 23, 2021
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RixTheTyrunt2 weeks ago

What was the site for cloud data you used?

ShluffyMonster2 months ago

use sys.exit(("You are not " + user +". If for some reason you are that user, but it didn't register that leave a comment here with the information on that and maybe try again.")) for the exit instead maybe? and make a way to use this on your site

dudemqn2 months ago

bad when i press A the moster some dealt 500 HP on me and than i tried to heal but it my potions were gone pls fix

QuantumCodes4 months ago

Wow! Just like mine :P how are so many ppl here?

dayulius734 months ago

pretty neat, i should say (u can probably guess who i am from scratch)

MarioBrosU224 months ago

Very Good!