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Brody Blask

HTML, CSS, and JS, Node.js, Python, and Java User | My current project: LazerPlatformer
  • Star Wars: Dungeon Quest

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    Made with Kaboom
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  • LazerPlatformer

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    Made with Kaboom

    A 2D platformer with a twist - you and a friend are fighting each other to the death, trying to kill one another with the lasers you can shoot out of your eyes. You have three lives before you die, but you can heal with the hearts that spawn in, or use speed boosts to run away from or after your enemies.

    Player 1, red, uses WASD and Space to shoot. Player 2, blue, uses the arrow keys and Enter to shoot. Press "r" when one of the players dies to reset the stage and play again.

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    7 months ago

    dude: most beutiful game ive ever played beats gold digger any day

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