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Hangman 1.0

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Published on Oct 5, 2022
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HANGMAN - The "finished" edition

Welcome! A hidden story lies beneath this hangman game, I think. Do try playing the game normally so if you notice any problems with progressions you could comment. Start by earning a 5 win streak to unlock your shop and more. Collect stars by beating different modes and finding secret words!

Quick tip, your stars will have to become filled (Happens when you get a total of 5 of them) if you want the final piece of progression.

The working version that includes a shop, all modes, finale ending, colours and more! This will most likely not be updated apart from some minor bug fixes (Entirely new versions will be made instead).
The cheat code is "jojo", only use to try out features. Automatically unlocks all conditions needed for True Ending, but you still need to by every special mode from the shop before you can reach it and set yourself on the highest time and word difficulty.

Remember, don't stare at the hanged man's eyes, or they may look back.

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