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Benjamin Namikas

look at @BenjaminNamika1 for my regular account
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1 year ago
Quest for the Great Spice Rune
Quest for the Great Spice RuneThe Quest for the Great Spice is about a hermit that ventures through dungeons, looking for the Great Spice Rune. This Spice rune is fabled to have the power to add spice back to the life of a monotonous city, Casapolis. However, the hermit is complacent, not realizing the Great Spice Rune must get its power from somewhere. Controls - Move: wasd or arrow keys Shoot: Left click Switch Rune: Right click Skip level: "L" Game made in 7 days for Kajam 2022! Credits - @BenjaminNamikas and @timpocalypse completed this project through the Godot game engine. All assets are royalty free, sound effects from
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4 years ago
GERM-X ------ A Code Jam #9 entry
This is our entry for Code Jam #9! The goal of the game is to get the Germ-X to the people in need (the house). To move, use the arrow keys and use s
Code Jam #9