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Aspect _1X


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    Made with Node.js

    This is an Open Source code of

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    Note from the dev- This bot is discontinued and no new updates will happen

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    8 months ago

    This bot is now discontinued and there will no longer be any updates to it.

    8 months ago

    This is bad. The help command SHOULD show commands, not random stuff. Also, your grammar is very poor. This makes your bot look even worse than it already is. Also, as @tongko said, you really should be using multiple files here, instead of one huge file. I also notice that instead of using a command handler like you should be, you are just directly comparing the message content with a string. This causes you to miss out on many opportunities, including being able to specify users to run a command on, and other arguments. And, your ping command doesn't even show an actual ping. Instead of having a useful debugging tool, you just have a useless command that serves no purpose. You should also at least be storing your alerts in some form of database, so that you don't have to restart the bot if you want a new alert.

    10 months ago

    instead of jamming all the codes in a single file, code it in TS and make subfolders for it. Yest there is a npm package for doing this

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