Discord.py bot template with commands extension

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TheoGomesDeOliv6 days ago

Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 2, in from keep_alive import keep_aliveModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'keep_alive' say this someone help me?

GhostBoost2 months ago


ThomasSaxby2 months ago

yo what you saying g

Johnathan21912 months ago

not cool

MrDickmeDown3 months ago


Gau213 months ago

what is this for

Alphacraft13 months ago

sometimes my code is stop running

gramatgesj214 months ago

You can easily get all your cogs from using folder and then doing a check to make sure it's .py if so attempt to load if not, just avoid and load other files.

gramatgesj214 months ago

For reload there's a reload extension function btw. also bot.owner_id is a thing already whether or not you have itnents or not or you can self.bot.owner.id. dor unload well unload exists, list cogs is probaly also fine. But these are my opinions on it.

rockfantic4 months ago


whitehammer4 months ago


ScamBuster4 months ago

Dang fire

OliverCzacho4 months ago

I only see "Im in!"is that supposed to happen?

idk20692865 months ago


bheshamt20195 months ago

works well! thx :)

0Lils05 months ago

what commands can you do?

puremintwater5 months ago

lots of errors

spranavkrishna5 months ago


purple90076 months ago

can someone help when i try and creat .env file it says file reserved and then I am unable to acces it

Extreme11256 months ago

How do I get the "For your url, put the url of the website made for your repl." I don't know what URL they are talking about.

Bi11Gates7 months ago

I made MicroSoft.

Bi11Gates7 months ago

I am the og Bill Gates

Bi11Gates7 months ago

This is not neat.

PuppyPlayz7 months ago

very LARGE error pls fix thx

SarveshKishore7 months ago

idk why but it shows a big error, try fixing it thx!!

Kazy6ek047 months ago

Error dude

linksafe7 months ago

kthx but the getenv() doesn't work for me :(

owenowenryanus7 months ago

Whats the bot prefix? Edit: Thanks for the help

derkbug8 months ago