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Created on Feb 3, 2021
Last published on May 5, 2021
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BrianXcamp1 month ago

Hey @AidanLatno , how did you get to clear the print? Like when you printed out the stuff, then you cleared it?

BrianXcamp2 months ago

And how do you get a mana weapon? or use the forge?

BrianXcamp2 months ago

Yeah, is there any way you can get a mana weapon? I dont see any in the shopkeeper's tavern

BrianXcamp2 months ago

When it gets to the "Enter any character to continue" part, if you just click the enter/return button, it will bug out the program and stop it...

Im-a-Person2 months ago

why can't I equip another weapon I bought in the shopkeepers tavern????

Darkbob1354 months ago

If you don't have a potion and you try to use a potion, you get stuck in a menu you can't leave

Darkbob1354 months ago

When you ask the character to Enter any character, you should allow them to just press enter to move on

Darkbob1354 months ago

Abandoned Town: zombie attacks me. I choose mana attack, and it says I don't a mana 'wepon' equipped. (Spelling error)

Darkbob1354 months ago

If you try to go to the sword armory and you only have the bronze sword, you can't exit the armory.

FeyHunter4 months ago

when you try to drink a potion, the game just loops

AidanWeller4 months ago

the game just bugs out cant play

Frinkifail4 months ago

Armory Glitches btw

DavanIrons4 months ago

Very cool!

5tup1d4 months ago

there is a weird glitch somewhere but otherwise it is cool af

DSAyonatan204 months ago

Its cool but when I go to the dungeon and I use a melee attack it says that is not an option and starts flashing