My very own chat room! I've spent a few months working on this, so I'd appreciate any support.
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Created on Mar 26, 2021
Last published on Apr 30, 2021
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7ih5 days ago

PSA #2: Creating admins has just been made even simpler. Fork the new version and read the new README file to get started.

haydnomg502 weeks ago

how to do the password it wont work when i try it

BIue3 weeks ago

so cool

MorkyMonkey4 weeks ago

is it possible to make a admin color gradient? idk how

Anthony3434344 weeks ago

The vc dont work, did i mess something up?

DetectiveVicky1 month ago

how to login with admin account?

Irulian1 month ago

Your css skills tho

MorkyMonkey1 month ago

how do you make someone an admin?

Andy_4sberg1 month ago

I love the styling! I can't do anything close to that...