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Aaron Kim

Status: Not dead
Anaheim, CA, United States
  • Adventurers (v1, IN PROGRESS)

    Cover page
    Made with Java

    This is a new coder's second attempt at making a fun text adventure. His previous attempt was a text adventure that was not fun. Please do not criticize it too much. I already know it sucks :P

    Adventurers is a simple(ish) text adventure game. You are with a group of lost explorers who need to survive in the wilderness. There are 3 paths: Suicidal - Choose the worst decisions and die as soon as possible. Survival - Live the traditional route through all 50 days. Salvation - Take the adventurous path and be rescued before the 50 days are up. Hint: Sometimes it's good to take terrible decisions.

    Note: This game has not been completed. It currently ends on day 10. I will add more days as time progresses.

    Estimated date when all 50 days will be added: January 2023

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    1 year ago

    Yay day 10 is out

    that's all for now

  • PMA (Profit Manager Assistant)

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    It calculates total profit, plus a little extra. The password is koala42

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