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Time Remainingdue 3 months ago

Cartoonize uploaded image in multiple styles

Posted 3 months ago

Bounty Description

Problem Description

It would be great to have some really cool avatars generated in various cartoon, futuristic and comic book styles from an uploaded image. This mini-app should do just that. A user can upload a profile image and 5 unique style images are created from it. It can layer in AI, or use basic photo-editing techniques – whichever result would be best for the job.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. User can upload a profile image in png, jpeg, heic

  2. They click "generate avatars" and ~5 unique avatar images are created from that profile image (e.g., different styling)

  3. The styling should be fun and unique – some ideas include
    -- Simpsons Cartoon Style
    -- 50s cartoon style (like say original Disney content)
    -- Futuristic comic-book style like say John Wick graphic novel style
    -- Johny Bravo Cartoon style
    -- One of your choosing

  4. Mash monetization & freebies should be built in.
    -- A user can click "create" and it will generate avatars with a wordmark mentioning a domain +
    -- A user can click a tick-box that says "high-quality & no watermark" that will remove those items from the images if already generated, or will generate the images without them (after freebies or payment) – a user gets 3 of these free generations/freebies per month.
    -- Users can click "download" to get each or all of the images to use (or right-click and save) after the watermarks are removed.

  5. You enjoy creating these types of experiences!