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    Make an AI site that generates NYT articles from tweets

    Posted 2 years ago
    This Bounty has been completed!

    Bounty Description

    Problem: Can an AI outwrite the NYT?

    Here is the interface we want to see.

    1. User inputs a few tech tweets with the key facts
    2. AI outputs an article in the style of the New York Times
    3. The aesthetic should look exactly the same, like
    4. The tone of the article should also be just as hostile as the typical NYT tech article
    5. You might use the collections of tweets on a site like TechMeme as sample input; given 5-10 tweets on a tech topic, that should be more than enough to write a piece
    6. At the top of the AI-generated article, there should be a little indicator that compares the speed and cost of having an AI do it vs a traditional NPC :) So, if the AI took 10 seconds and cost 10 cents, you'd compare that to an NYT journalist who took 10 hours and cost $1000.

    Acceptance Criteria

    Here's what we want out:

    1. I'm looking for a site which is at a proper standalone domain, like "".
    2. It should have a very simple interface where anyone can just paste in tweet URLs on the left, without login, and see the NYT article generated in realtime on the right.
    3. The user should be able to get (a) a permalink like "", as well as (b) a PNG that they can copy/paste.
    4. The permalink should render a good opengraph when viewed in — so the link can be pasted into WhatsApp, Signal, Twitter, etc.
    5. The opengraph preview should look exactly like an NYT link when previewed in, including the title, subtitle, published date, and the kind of header image, which should also be generated by AI using DALL-E or StableDiffusion or MidJourney.

    Here's an example:

    1. The PNG version is almost the same as the opengraph image, but optimized for vertical rather than horizontal viewing. It is a version of the article that you can paste as an image, rather than a link, but it might have a short permalink indicated at the bottom (like "").

    2. To deal with spam requests, you can include a captcha, but you shouldn't require a login.

    3. The site should also work on mobile, and it should be very easy to paste in tweets on mobile too.

    4. Finally, the site should itself have a nice opengraph image for

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