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Created on Mar 11, 2019
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HuskyCode2112 months ago

Made this into a multiplayer game: https://multiplayer-1.huskycode211.repl.co/

DSAJagat204 months ago

When ever the square touches the borders it's stuck there

AzzamMegat4 months ago

Great Thanks!

jaredfar5 months ago

It doesn't work.

MyNamesNick5 months ago

Lovely Demo! I had no idea how to take press inputs till now either, Thank youu :D

JasonFerri5 months ago


ETICHUR20185 months ago


Nic0TheCoder6 months ago

the bottom border just completely doesnt work

DanielZur6 months ago

The square gets stuck when collides with the borders

YaseenHaqparast6 months ago