Discord.py bot template with commands extension

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Details Discord.py rewrite template with commands extension and keep_alive
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puremintwater3 days ago

lots of errors

spranavkrishna4 days ago


purple90071 month ago

can someone help when i try and creat .env file it says file reserved and then I am unable to acces it

DylanLange1 month ago

How do I get the "For your url, put the url of the website made for your repl." I don't know what URL they are talking about.

Bi11Gates1 month ago

I made MicroSoft.

Bi11Gates1 month ago

I am the og Bill Gates

Bi11Gates1 month ago

This is not neat.

PuppyPlayz1 month ago

very LARGE error pls fix thx

SarveshKishore2 months ago

idk why but it shows a big error, try fixing it thx!!

Kazy6ek042 months ago

Error dude

davidxcgdr2 months ago

kthx but the getenv() doesn't work for me :(

owenowenryanus2 months ago

Whats the bot prefix? Edit: Thanks for the help

derkbug2 months ago


Discord.py bot template with commands extension
python bot number 2
Discord.py bot template with commands extension
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