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Hatespeech bot
Published on Mar 31, 2022

A simple Discord bot which uses Node 16, RxJS, Nix, ES module syntax and async/await syntax. Derived from .

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Discord Bot Template NodeJS v16 DiscordJS v13
Discord Bot Template NodeJS v16 DiscordJS v13
A Template for anyone wanting to code a Discord bot (discord.js v13) (I upgraded replit to NodeJS v16) I was coding a discord bot when I ran into this problem (replit does not have the right NodeJS version), and put together code from different stack exchanges and github branches. For anyone wanting to make a Discord bot, this should solve all your problems with replit not working and stuff. You are welcome to use this template as you please. FYI this console still says the node version is 12 something, but if you check the package.json file, you will see that everything is up-to-date. Currently the node version on Replit is old and outdated (nodeJS v12 i think), and discord.js v13 needs Node 16 or later. I have installed the new node versions and have already set up the code needed to make this work, just follow a few steps in the README file. If you have any questions, or issues, feel free to message me on Discord anytime! (TheAniMob#5499) Have a nice day!
kaboomKaboom is a super game
FnnrDev2 months ago