Developer Spotlights : Replish > replit desktop!

HI everyone, thanks H for this spotlight opportunity. If you are interested in joining me to make the replit experience better, feel free to send me a message in the replit discord or reply under. Desktop 😯
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@KelvinVerhey If you are going to use vscode then use it no one is stopping you. We are just building these as side projects, or more accuratly, a practice project related to helping/contrubuting, but not as an employee. Yes sure vscode is far more better but the reason we make it is because we want people to know about The discord rich presence in my app can potentially be a way to tell people what you are using and they might be intrested. It's not like a job of some sort, we are just free developers. As of today, there's a lot of third party clients for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. They are all built on electron, yet I don't see many problems or if they ever get into copyright problems. Because using electron is really like packaging a website, there's no limit as to what you can make. Same for vscode, there's a fork of vscode, vscodium. It's similar thing to this desktop app, but people can modify it under the licence. Just like, we didn't steal their product, we ehanced it. Desktop 😯
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Hey everyone it's Leon here, the person that @eankeen mentioned that made The un-official app regardless of it being official or not, it has a few cool functionalities featuring discord rich presience and themes provided by @mat1. If you want to test it out, feel free to download the releases. I'm currerently working on re-writing the app since it's been dead for a long time and we needed a lot of new stuff. U can contact me on this thread or the offical discord thanks :) Also if you have questions about why it is not official, I have talked to @amasad in person and this was supposed to be an interm project but things didn't quiet work out as intended, and since the team really haven't planned to have an desktop app, so I made it un-officially.

Why do the terminal fail? It doesn't start my code which normally works flawlessly locally.
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Looks like there isn’t a file to run. In a repl u need a file called to start the program. Desktop App
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@norbssus the community is working on a new version, which will be release around start of March. Meanwhile you can try the alpha build or use the development version. Desktop App
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Make sure you join the replit discord to talk and take a look at the GitHub repo: Desktop App
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@xMikee Hmm, did you download the app from my GitHub page?

why am i getting this invalid URl error
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This really is an weird error because the URL looks fine to me.

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Hey everyone, I am aware with the issue of this library, fortunately I think the problem is on jsonstore's side. I'm sorry for any data loss that might have happened. If jsonstore resolves the issue, I would fix it asap. Thanks. Desktop 😯
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@KelvinVerhey How about you actually stop judging other people's project and show us something u did to actually help this community, or just people in genral. Just like you said. Get out there, change the world for the better. There are schools in abundance in the world that don't even have computer labs. How can they reach the website when they don't even have a computer to do that? There are deeper core problems to solve here. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but this website needs help in other ways that are honestly much more productive. If you are not interested in this project nor this website, please leave this comminuty and discord. As I have seen how u said how useless this website and how u said vscode can just be such a better thing. We do NOT welcome these kind of comments on out forum. No one forces u to stay here.

Girl wants to get good at coding...
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I learned Python by myself. I learnd thourgh reading books,videos and documents. And I start to write some tools and scripts that used the syntax/libs that the book/videos mentioned.

U can contact me at
discord: leon332157#2603 :)

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@JamesXin Do u speak Chinese? If u do I can get more help for u.

Trouble with numbers and text in the same line (Python 3)
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@KrystanKlukos a = int(input())
b = a - 1
c = a + 1
d = "The next number for the number "
e = "is "
f = "The previous number for the number "
print('{}{}{}{}'.format(d, a ,e , b )) Desktop App
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@GDSuperMoonSupe Looks like you are running this on, which it's not intended to be ran on, I suggest you download the app from the release page on GitHub and install it to try it out. Un-official Desktop App 2.0
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@mkhoi It's made with electron and typescript. Check out the GitHub Repo

how do i fix this error. (repl process died unexpectedly)
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@hadthelad Then you should avoid using exit() at all because of how detects a process running. You should use break in a while loop instead of exit() Also please don't spam multiple posts about the same question.

Pip install and packages
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You need to use an underscore instead of dash.

██ Empty ██
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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Because + in Python is for adding strings. U can either convert the int into a string, or use ',' instead of '+' .

Why is my text file resetting?
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U have to change the mode for open function to 'a', which is append.

Trouble with numbers and text in the same line (Python 3)
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@KrystanKlukos And this is also a Python basics, I would suggest you to review data types, operations, input and print functions. :)

Trouble with numbers and text in the same line (Python 3)
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@KrystanKlukos Ok, so first of all, (a-1) is a tuple which contains integer a-1, assigned to b, same for c, and d and e is a tuple with string in it, so if you call print function with these data type, it will not work.

Developer Spotlights : Replish > replit desktop!

@Lord_Poseidon Are you asking about desktop or replish

Why is a Bank Account not being generated?
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It would be more helpful if you read the error message before asking for help.

How can I make a discordpy bot update/restart itself without stopping the Flask server
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Just make 2 different threads one handles the bot restart another one handles the bot itself. Un-official Desktop App 2.0
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@Lord_Poseidon I don't think I had any 32bit build for Linux since electron dropped support since version 4.0 Un-official Desktop App 2.0
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@Lord_Poseidon Sorry to say but I couldn't get a 32bit build working. Un-official Desktop App 2.0
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@Lord_Poseidon I don't think electron supports 32bit Linux. But I will try.