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Created on May 13, 2021
Last published on May 14, 2021
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DecentCoder12 weeks ago

good job. Very awesome project.

PancakeDev2 months ago

Try 834

2 months ago

Good, I made on by myself, with another type of code and many js files! Check my:

TROD20074 months ago

i found out that 5 is the smallest it can be where you are still able to do something, the ones below that will either not have a finish line or the red boi will be too big

bennyrobert4 months ago

You should make it so that once you complete a maze, it asks you again for another one instead of having to refresh it. Also, why does it recommend 60? I do love these types of things though, well done!

respecc4 months ago

if you do 0.1 it crashes the website lol

destroyer1727A4 months ago

This is awesome. You should make it highlight the correct path after you finish.

Orca204 months ago

Lol I finally solved the 100 maze.

SeamusDonahue4 months ago

you should make it easier to turn but otherwise awesome. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this!

Gene0014 months ago

It's so hard to stop redoing this. I was able to do a level 100!!

idkwhat314 months ago

It looks fun but it's not really working... I'm going through random walls and then it won't let me go through some clear spaces... but it looks really cool :)

eric_wang4 months ago

Great job on the maze generator!

I recommend making the player snap to a grid for easier movement through tight spaces.

Also, have you considered implementing graph traversal algorithms on the generated maze? Just an idea for a future repl.

Ru1n0us4 months ago

Worked really well yesterday, not sure what's going on now. Same issue as other,s going through walls, invisible borders. Overall still a really good generator

Ronanc244 months ago

dont do anything over 300... cant even see my guy.

TROD20074 months ago

Ummmmm, I may have messed up, but has anyone tried to do size 500, yeah, idk how this is even possible

NickBarnett4 months ago



jhs10tcsfrisco4 months ago

so cool

ThomasWalmsley4 months ago

this is so cool! also, what is the highest compatible number of forks for the maze?

jnrchewie4 months ago

i think i broke it because the red thing when through the wall but awesome game

AndrLuiz314 months ago


Gene0014 months ago


python884 months ago


CodingElf664 months ago


PranavPrasanna4 months ago

this is thw worst maze in the world

SaadPRO1584 months ago


patelr4 months ago

Very cool!

RolandJLevy4 months ago

nice :)

BIue4 months ago

try 8000

lukeliu84 months ago

try 200

lukeliu84 months ago


MadMath1234 months ago

How does this code work?

tinolin4 months ago

i can go to the wall andi can go up

LaneMartin4 months ago

Sigh* anther game on my addiction list

YourDadsWin984 months ago

It's difficult to move into a pathway that isn't in a corner. A simple way to fix this would be to only move the cursor in whole "pixels", since the player never has to stand halfway between two pixels to solve the maze.

WilliamCantrell4 months ago

this is nice. I can imagine some by adding a dark mode where you have to find your way with limited visibility.

PassioneFruite4 months ago

It isn't working for me, I am stuck in the top left (where I began) and cannot move along the white. I can also travel along black.

levirooth4 months ago


Wilke0004 months ago