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Hey there, I'm Zavexeon, Zave for short.
🖱️ 2D Aim Game
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hmmm, seems pretty BASIC to me

Give me your problems!
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I can't see my forehead.

(also, luv you too <3)

Gravity Simulator
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Why is everyone better at programming than me lol.

Happy New Years from the Repl Talk Mods!
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@CodeLongAndPros Wait, you're volunteering and NOT being held captive...?

What does REPL stand for?
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@CoolJames1610 Marked you as the answer. ;)

Hey! How do you use a computer, anyway?
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You just go clickity clackity at the keyboard and magic happens.

Clickity clackity clickity

App of the Week

Please note that if you guys give me spaghetti I'll vote for your repl.

True Love Scanner
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Such a wholesome little program <3. I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle. ;-;

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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I'm not even angry, I'm amused. XD

How to run a js file
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That's because in replit index.js will always be ran first. In the shell (accessed by hitting F1 and clicking "open shell" on the popup menu) type node qstring.js.

Horrible Idea generator that kinda works
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Well then...

Python Login System With Encryption
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This is cool! As a suggestion, maybe try hashing the passwords instead of encrypting and decrypting them.

Basically, a hash is an irreversible encryption. You hash the password they give, and store that.

When they want to login, you hash their password input and check it against the stored hash. If they match, the passwords are the same.

This makes it harder for people to break your encryption and also doesn't allow you to view their actual passwords (just a privacy thing).

Empty lll
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smh my head

⚡️DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT #02:⚡️simontiger
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This kid makes me feel stupid lol.

Account Thingy
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The minimum 50 characters for description is to encourage quality posts and hopefully draw away spammers.

1300's Peasant Simulator
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Day 1 what.

i cant see my forehead
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I still can't see my forehead.

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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@JoshBorthick Hey there, cycles are's equivalent to upvotes. The amount you have is in parentheses next to your username.

A flawed attempt
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You tried though and that's all that matters! Good luck with your future Rust projects. :)

✨✨Introduce Yourself! 👋 ✨✨
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Hi, I'm Zavexeon! But you can call me Kyle or Zave.

I'm a Ruby programmer, brought here to find a good online coding environment for it. Since then I've learned many different programming languages.

Student access to the "talk" feature
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Could you possibly block the route and leave the rest of open?

How smart are you?
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💥Bullet Hell💥
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Is this for the Kaboom Jam?

Pixel Jam - A small game for the Kaboom Jam
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Give me a few minutes and I'll move the posts from Jam into Share, then migrate yours. (Could take a while)

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am gay

How to Emulate Roms with python.
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This would be very challenging, but essentially you'd have to make a program that "operates" like whatever console you are emulating.

First you would need to understand how the console you are emulating works on a hardware level, and how games on it play.

Then, with a program, you replicate the console's hardware the best you can with whatever language you are using. You also have to get the console's BIOS to run on the emulator, otherwise nothing will work.

This is about as much as I know, though.