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Created on May 3, 2021
Last published on May 11, 2021
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arashwales1233 months ago

@VulcanWM i have somehow bought 31 Advertiser

ruiwenge23 months ago

Wow! I really liked the straw market trend

FelixF8094 months ago

it takes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to load

CatTacos4 months ago

how do i work over time?

Dollylamma4 months ago

I think it actually doesn't work anymore for new accounts I've opened this game on multiple days on different tabs and every different random name I think of just doesn't work.

TheLordofCoding4 months ago

It doesn't work at all

matthewcai8884 months ago

Now it does

matthewcai8884 months ago

Doesn't work

matthewcai8884 months ago

Runs it

matthewcai8884 months ago

i type dis as my username 123jdj123jd921ej1e2e and it dont work

matthewcai8884 months ago

System: 3000 years later... Me; FINALLY

matthewcai8884 months ago

Me: Yeah! finally a new trending Runs it

matthewcai8884 months ago



Takes LOOOOOOONG time to load, bro.

M0ckingj114 months ago

ANT loading

CatTacos4 months ago

@VulcanWM no user name works at all

LonelyHollow964 months ago

Opened it in 8 different tabs, everytime with different names, none of them worked :(

Shine00074 months ago


lexingtonzastre4 months ago

it takes soooo long to load.

Cinnamoroll4 months ago

this just overall doesnt load

BotNC4 months ago

another trending repl by vulcan :)

Dollylamma4 months ago

Is it just me or does everything take a few minutes to load anything?

ShiftyBoo4 months ago

I'm not able to get into it. Whenever I try, my computer crashes. (Maybe it's my computer, a Windows 7)

jhs10tcsfrisco4 months ago

doesnt work it always says "a user has this username" when u make an acc i spammed random keys for 5 minutes straight

OPDave294 months ago

luv it. heres an upvote

FazeBugha4 months ago

Bro, my game keeps getting stuck on sign in can u help

arashwales1234 months ago

ayy im 2nd on both leader boards

arashwales1234 months ago

urm @VulcanWM my daily has gone into -196 seconds left

arashwales1234 months ago

hey @VulcanWM what overtime


and only get $10 from working aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh -__-


and you have 1 stonk and sell and get $50 -__-


When you bet all your money and lose -_-😑

arashwales1234 months ago

lmao i lost 5k to gambling

arashwales1234 months ago

@vulcanWM nice game bro

ZenziFox4 months ago

Hey, Soo... You cant buy billboards... It gives you an error...

bellarose064 months ago

i cant play this like no username works

RyanWright2124 months ago

how do you get sign up and find a name that actualy works

JWZ64 months ago

cool just havin trouble signin up

TyGondwe4 months ago

Nice game. I don't like the part of owning a drinks cabin your game is technically saying that the user owns a Bar. its dope and all but cancel the part of the alchohol

devplodocus4 months ago

I don't enjoy this game but it look good realized