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A space enthusiast that happens to know some programming.
  • Nationlead 0.2.2

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    Made with Python!!WIP!! Please report any bugs in the comments! Finally, after rigorous content additions, bug fixes, and new features, Nationlead 0.2 is out! Now that you can progress time, infrastructure becomes an important factor in your nation's development! Thanks to Jan Vorcak for the typing animation and CodingElf666 for the input function. More thanks to Feluxe for STY.
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    4 months ago
    Say hello to Nationlead v0.1! It's not exactly "addictive," but I'd say it's off to a good start. Maybe the only thing you can do is mess with the government rules a bit, but hey, it's still nice to turn the country into an Authoritarian Dictatorship and then torture all the imaginary people, right? Please report any bugs. Thanks!
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