Animal Crossing Game — Version 3.0

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Animal Crossing Game — Version 3.0
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Created on Nov 17, 2020
Last published on May 22, 2021
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spirit2471 month ago

how do u play besides fishing, selling, and flying?

sophiachenruisi2 months ago

how do yu pass the place where they ask yu to put numbers?

ActorCreater132 months ago

Niceeeeee!! Idk how you do it honestly, i hope i get to make a cool game like your's one day.

justabear3 months ago


LaneMartin3 months ago

sick dude

FlipLeigion3 months ago

Hazel... Bianca... Apollo... Where's Jason and Percy??? Annabeth??Ps r u a percy jackson and heroes of olympus fan

legendsofprint3 months ago


maska100003 months ago

this is sick!

alsike3 months ago

Woagh- This Is Very Cool And Clever. I Like It!

snake75844 months ago

This is amazing! I love it. You have inspired me to create a project just like this. Of course it won't be the same.

Wilke0006 months ago

You need repl authorization

DrHalloween6 months ago

This is amazing!

RainsongCat6 months ago

@SilvermoonCat how come in the wardrobe when there are three clothe options two of them have the same number? Is that intentional?

redsea76 months ago

wow this is awesome

RainsongCat6 months ago

Hi Silvermooncat I like this code a lot even though I don't play acnh this is super fun! Good job this code must have taken a long time.

6 months ago

great work cub

6 months ago

hi @SilvermoonCat i love ur pfp

LaneMartin6 months ago


bennyrobert6 months ago

Its great! Only thing I would complain about is that there is no space between the question and what I type. Just put a space before you close the quotation.

ALIMAALIM6 months ago


Yanderechan046 months ago

nice now snap island is complete

aidanjuri76 months ago

if you go fish and just spam 1 enter it kinda breaks the game

Yanderechan046 months ago


RyanHansen16 months ago

clicked enter and cant go back


in the code there is an airport, a store, and villager recruitment, why cant we use those?

AllMight20206 months ago

Add bugs and selling things

AllMight20206 months ago

this is fantastic keep up the good work!

SwaritChoudhari6 months ago


JasmineGuo6 months ago


VijayShrivarsha6 months ago


firedragondnd6 months ago

If you can sell how do you sell

firedragondnd6 months ago

Maybe if you could sell fish...

ThayDuong6 months ago

how does this work

IsaacWernimont6 months ago

It doesn't work. theres some sort of syntax error on line 419.

Catro46 months ago

i caught a whale shark the first time i fished lol

BrokenVessel1016 months ago

Wow! This is amazing! How much time did you spend on this?!

6 months ago

animal crossing cli edition

6 months ago

animal crossing but it's for cmd users

manofpill6 months ago

Maybe add spaces in the input code in order for the user's input isn't right against the input prompt. Other than that, this is pretty good.

ex: name = input("What is your name? ") instead of name = input("What is your name?")

Silver13Soul6 months ago

THE SEA BASS HAS COME TO HAUNGHT ME IN THIS VERSION TOO!!! (Has anybody else caught the legendary fish yet? {I mean the sea bass} [best C+ ever though, right?]})

Haelinos6 months ago

wow nice!!

AkiSylveon6 months ago

it doesnt work

as0708286 months ago

Awesome! I love animal crossing!

ChristopherDai6 months ago


BCP6 months ago


carlinski6 months ago

Please add a check, if the number you enter is correct. so if there is just 1 and 2 to chose, if you enter 3 sth like "Wrong number. please try again". The other things are very awesome!

BadAsh6 months ago

for some reason I am getting a syntax error :(

TheRockCoding6 months ago

this is actually really good, I love it