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Hi, I like C++. I also know enough bash to port some things. Currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering.
so this is basically reddit...
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It's like reddit but less toxic and cringe, and more intelligent and programming

Artificial Intelligence Competition
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Fellas, fellas. Real talk. Let us start a pay-it-forward type thing by commenting ideas for an AI to help each other out. I'll go first :)
-Text prediction
-Maze navigation (like a lab rat sort of thing) (this is probably what I'll aim for)
-some sort of AI-based opponent for a game (i.e. pong) that learns from a particular player's playstyle

I hope at least one of these helps someone. Now, all we need is an AI that comes up with ideas for AI concepts (hey, that's not such a bad idea...)

I want to use clear screen function in my c++ code on repl
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@RishuMishra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code
Outputting certain codes to some terminals (including the one repl.it uses) can do specific things to the terminal depending on the code.
The \033[2J clears the screen and resets the cursor and the \033[0;0H moves the cursor to 0,0 (again)
You can change the 0;0 to Y;X to move the cursor to line Y and column X thus allowing you to overwrite only certain portions of your screen. Handy for games and such.

1300's Peasant Simulator
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10 ways to lose and 1 way to win, and winning is just not losing for 50 days. I love it!

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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Do you think you could add "include programming language in title" or something of that nature? It'd make it a lot easier for one to tell if one can help or not. :)

What do you call people who use Repl.it?
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i think that replers or replists or replators or replologists or reploids or replees are all good options. However my personal favorite is


What kinds of keyboard shortcuts would you use on Repl.it?

Perhaps the ability to bind your own shortcuts? For example, say I wanted to easily switch between a couple files in my project, it would be nice if I could bind keyboard shortcuts to said files (say, alt+1 for the first file, alt+2 for the second, etc.)

Game Jam FAQ
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We can come up with an idea and concepts and such before the challenge starts, right? Or does EVERYTHING have to be done within one month, not just the code itself?

Clickable terminal
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@Zavexeon I looked into it a bit and it seems that the terminal can sometimes detect mouse clicks but it doesn't seem to be able to get the mouse position on Linux, which is what repl.it runs on. So, clickable buttons on the terminal aren't really an option. @ash15khng If you really want buttons, though, you can have buttons which can be selected using the keyboard, like with arrow keys (don't use the arrow keys) or something of that nature.

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Polygott, to the extent of my knowledge, is an experimental repl.it language which allows languages to use binaries from other languages thus allowing for interaction between scripts from multiple languages. It uses Makefile syntax (basically modified Bash) and can do all sorts of useful things like compile external libraries from source, add additional compilation options, etc. Its most useful (imo) feature is that it can install ubuntu packages using install-pkg PACKAGENAME which opens up a ton of possibilities for porting things and such, or for utilizing libraries not available in native repl.it

Some example programs utilizing Polygott for various purposes:

This port of Doom 1
This SDL program (SDL is normally not usable on repl.it)

If you have any more questions @ me :)

Clearing a screen in repl.it for the C language
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You can print "\033[0;0H\033[2J" to the console to clear it. This is an ANSI escape code. The \033[ tells the console that an escape sequence comes next. 0;0H resets the cursor position and 2J actually clears the screen.

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What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
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Depends on what you want to do with it. If you're looking for anything web related, I'd recommend JavaScript (and perhaps HTML and CSS), because it's by far the most common and useful language for that purpose. If you're looking to make anything desktop-based, I'd recommend C++, especially if you want to run it on your Raspberry Pi, because C++ is extremely optimized for performance and has a lot of low-level hardware access. However I won't lie to you, C++ is a bit tricky to learn, and a significant step up from python, so only get into that if you think you're up for it. To be fair, though, C++ is the only language I'm currently familiar with, so I'm a bit biased.

I have complied the following script & I am unable 2 understand the error to resolve it
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When writing your main function (or any function for that matter) you have to initialize it as a type (i.e. int, char, bool). For main I think it has to be an int. What's happening here is, your compiler is interpreting main as a function of type emp, because without a type declaration before main it assumes the
type directly precedes it, which in this case is struct emp.

Essentially what you have is struct emp main which is simultaneously creating an emp struct and creating the main function which returns an object of type emp (which for any other function would be entirely valid BUT main has to be an int.)

What's your favorite thing about Repl.it? What about your least favorite?
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Favorite thing(s):

  • Portability (the fact that i can access it from anywhere, even my chromebook)
  • ease of collaboration (multiplayer) and sharing
  • The community :) (just wanna mention that i'm under "more top contributors" in all time, past 7 days, and past 30 days, and i'm pretty darn proud of that)

Least favorite things:

  • Lack of configurability (you have to use polygott to do anything advanced)


I was thinking today that it would be nice if there was like a quick access for files (like where it says the filename at the top of the editor in the IDE there could be a couple tabs with different files you're currently working on, would be nice when working on large and/or complex projects), or even viewing more than one file at once, like side by side or something

I guess that could be dumbed down to more maneuverability with the editor window but you get the idea (i hope)

How do I run a file using .replit
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the .replit file runs a bash command, like Codemonkey51 said. It's effectively a command for a Linux terminal (in this case, Ubuntu.)

If you want to run multiple commands at once, make a .bash file and set the command in the .replit file to run the file (i.e. bash main.bash)

A very basic example of what to write in the bash file could be this:

clang++ -std=c++2a *.cpp -o main
chmod 744 main

Line 1 compiles all the .cpp files in your base directory (if you want to include all files 1 folder deep, try replacing *.cpp with *.cpp */*.cpp, might be a better way of accomplishing this but I'm not sure) using the c++2a standard (which is the newest version of C++, you could use c++17 or c++14 etc instead)
Line 2 makes the main compiled program accessible
Line 3 executes the compiled program

I would honestly suggest excluding the .replit file altogether unless absolutely necessary until you understand bash at least a little bit. It's not super complex, though, and overall I think it's worth it to learn, especially if you plan on using replit a lot.

Game made for a class: D-2200
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I wish my school's computer science class taught C++, it teaches Java which is OK but I am a die hard C++ fan so i never really got into it

Creating header files for a C++ class
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Could you link the repl? That way we'll be able to see exactly what's wrong :)

What is polygott?
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Polygott, to my understanding, is essentially a way of making makefiles and such on repl.it and to have multiple different languages running in conjunction. I'm sure there's more to it than that, though.

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@Mosrod If you don't mind adding that, I think that would be helpful. I'd imagine it'd make things come up more frequently in the search results at least. I've been planning on joining the Discord as soon as I'm able, but right now I'm on a Chromebook from my school, and Discord's blocked. Thanks, though.

How can I link other .C files in the main file?
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I'm not entirely familiar with C, BUT in C++, you do this with a header file. For example, in your main file, you have
#include "example.h"

Then you create example.h. In here you declare, but don't define, the functions you want to have in your other file, like this:
extern int example();

Finally, you make your other file to be linked. In here you include the header and define your functions:
#include "example.h"
int example() { std::cout << "this can be whatever you want it to be\n"}

Then, to use the functions in your main file, you just call them as normal.
int main () {
return 0;}

Again this is for c++ but it should be fairly similar in C and this should at least give you a place to start looking.

C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
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Yeahhhh code readability isn't exactly my strong suit :P
side note: this isn't non-blocking (i know you never claimed it was but still)
Anyways good job, it's cool to see people make improvements on things i've made :)

What do you do for keeping your concentration while coding?
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I haven't yet had the problem of NEEDING to stay focused, if I'm programming something i'm interested in, I'll just do it and enjoy it, and if i'm coding something that's just ok, I'll work on it when I'm in the mood. However, I sometimes listen to soundtracks or songs on repeat, repetition in the background i think helps keep me focused.

What should we code?
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@Wetyuip I've got a project going in C++ and SFML that i think shows a bit of promise, want to take a look at it?

C Programming
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someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we're supposed to help with homework :P

DOOM (1993) on repl.it (yes, really)
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@HyperGamerStuds It was the (free and legal to download) trial version, like I said in the description of the post. Unfortunately it has stopped working, although i may fix it if people want me to, though.

What advice would you give to someone new to coding?
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What advice would you give to a newbie?

I'd say not to stress too much about choosing a first language. The skill set required to do coding is pretty easily transferable between modern languages. It's really just best to find a teaching resource that works for you and roll with it :)

And what advice do you wish someone had given you?

I really wish that someone had told me what @eankeen just told you -- Not to be afraid of trying new things. A few months ago I was really avoiding using the <vector> library (C++) after finding the documentation on it quite confusing at first glance. I was hell-bent on using plain arrays until i finally realized that if I wanted a dynamic array I needed a vector. Upon actually really using vectors, I discovered that it's a lot simpler once you get into it, as most coding-related things tend to be.

What advice would you give me, personally?

I don't know that I have advice for you specifically. I do, however, wish you the best of luck in your endeavors as the repl.it community person and as a programmer in general. :)

SFML on repl.it POC
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@DynamicSquid Glad you could make use of it :)
You can probably fix the screen size by manually setting the VideoMode when the RenderWindow is initialized, but I'll leave that up to you to decide if it's worthwhile :)

Phony and Makefile.
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@a5rocks @IzanLarumbe yep. You've installed firefox but you have to run it to see any output. You can just add the firefox on the line below and you should be set.

Phony and Makefile.
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You can run pretty much anything that runs on Ubuntu using the makefile. Just use install-pkg instead of sudo apt-get install. It uses Bash syntax btw.