css: hypnotic wave of psychedelic avocados

css: hypnotic wave of psychedelic avocados
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Created on Apr 5, 2020
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SSEducation5 months ago

PLs could you do this but with rotating spirals, it would be so cool

CarsonConyac6 months ago

omg they look like easter eggs

CarsonConyac6 months ago

ok but you still did good i guess

INCOGNITO0016 months ago


DepthStrider6 months ago

they look more like eggs to me. doesnt matter though. very hypnotizing.

minishxp6 months ago

It scares me

CarsonConyac6 months ago

they dont look like avocados

CarsonConyac6 months ago

why bruh just why

bruhwhytho1236 months ago

why just why

VitaliyFesik2026 months ago

around 300 lines of code in total just to make avocados spinning on the screen..... Lets goooooo!!!!

blueandco6 months ago

looked at the code and my brain quit. you are gifted.

6 months ago

i dont get it

avisk6 months ago

You would willingly expose yourself to the horrors of CSS? (epic avocados though)

PyCoder016 months ago

Woah. All done with css!?

TimothyRowell6 months ago


NathanPp6 months ago

(blasphemy alert) sometimes they look like mangoes

JonahSmith36 months ago

So cool! I could hardly tear my eyes away!

200ardi86 months ago

Wow that’s awesome! Congrats!

AcidXD6 months ago


CloudWorld846 months ago

wow cool

TSelden6 months ago

Holy guacamole! (get it??)

SSEducation6 months ago

Nice, this relaxes me.

TheSpeedrunSpee6 months ago


36420666 months ago

lol. nice avocatos. it made my building electricity go off. but the code was light ... just will need to change some fuses.. nobreak and power cables.. oh, also the router. exploded.

OrphyFlood6 months ago


EitanGJ6 months ago