Cosmic Co.
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Created on Aug 5, 2021
Last published on Aug 9, 2021
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ch1ck3n1 month ago

figma more like ligma

Whippingdot2 months ago

Wait you actually used Figma? Isn't that for companies? Can you teach me how? For my website, I thought so hard about how it should look in the end and I spent too much time doing that that I only submitted it just now... :(

Can you teach me how to do it quickly?

Also, I know my website is bad, but anyway can you review it? Please comment on my submission GIVE AN HONEST COMMENT. Even tell me if it is bad

TheDrone72 months ago


Bookie02 months ago

Beautiful! Maybe ok the home page, the down arrow should be spaced out a bit more from the shop now button. And for the shop now button, the arrow should be a bit more to the left (or increase padding of button).

Imma get the blue headphones!! :D

Aivoybia2 months ago

One note: If you run this (super cool) project, "Cosmic Co" is overlapping "Shop All" and "Why Cosmic", but not "Headphones. The "1" and the cart sign is covering "Reviews".

It would be awesome if you could make it responsive.

If you already know about this and I am distracting you from doing your hard work, I am sorry and I hope you forgive me.

Have a nice day,